BinaryReader Change in .NET 4.5

BinaryReader has always had what I consider a design flaw in the way it implemented IDisposable.  Even since the early days of .NET, the BinaryReader constructors have required a stream.  To me this means that the BinaryReader has a dependency on the stream thus something else is responsible for that stream’s lifecycle.  The problem is that when the BinaryReader was disposed it would also close the Stream!

It took until .NET 4.5 but Microsoft finally gave us a way to address this issue in the form of a third constructor overload.  With this constructor we can now specify whether we want to close the provided stream or leave it open.

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Dave Fancher is a Software Engineer at Performance Assessment Network in Carmel, Indiana, a Microsoft MVP for Visual F#, and author of The Book of F# from No Starch Press. He has been building software with the .NET Framework since version 1.1. Dave is active within the Indiana software development community as a member of IndySA, a speaker at user groups throughout the state, and a two-time contributor to Indy GiveCamp. When not writing code he enjoys spending time with his family, watching movies, photography, and gaming on on his Xbox One.

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