C# 6.0 Features

[7/30/2015] VS 2015 is out and with it is C# 6.0! Be sure to check out the list of my five favorite C# 6.0 features for content written against the released version.

As much as I prefer working in F#, I can’t ignore the fact that most of my work is still in C#. With Visual Studio “14” now in CTP 2 and including some of the C# 6.0 features, it makes sense to take a more serious look at what’s in the works or has already been implemented. As with any CTP, everything I examine here is definitely subject to change. The latest information regarding language feature implementation status can be found on the Roslyn Codeplex page.

Please keep in mind that everything I’ve written about these features is simply some of my early impressions and, like the features themselves, my opinions are subject to change.


Your thoughts?

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