The LINQed Up Series was created to provide an introduction to LINQ. The series should provide newcomers to LINQ with a good enough foundation to add LINQ to their development toolbox and be productive with it.

Part 1 aims to answer the questions “What is LINQ?” and “How does LINQ Work?” Concepts such as extension methods, lambda expressions, and anonymous types are introduced.

Part 2 builds upon part 1 by introducing some of the more common methods used in queries. It concludes with examples of both styles of LINQ statements: method syntax and query syntax.

Part 3 continues the theme by taking a more in-depth look at query syntax. All of the pieces are brought together with an abundance of examples illustrating the common query methods and some additional concepts like deferred execution and using LINQ for transformations.

Part 4 ventures into the performance implications of LINQ and shows some possibilities for optimizing queries.