This post is a bit off topic from the usual technical nature of this site but all too often those that deserve praise for a job well done go unnoticed.

This past weekend my wife, in-laws, and I were travelling on a Sunday afternoon road-trip between Crawfordsville, Indiana and Greencastle, Indiana. As we returned to Crawfordsville around 4:00 PM, we were caught off-guard as a Crawfordsville Police officer drove south on US 231 and pointed and indicated to the motorists heading northbound to pull over and stay off the road. Within a minute after the officer passed, a green SUV passed at an extremely high speed and was being pursued by several Indiana State Police squad cars.

After the chase passed, we continued travelling toward Crawfordsville and witnessed another Crawfordsville trooper pulling in some spike strips. Not too far ahead, the police had the SUV stopped and surrounded.

The coordinated effort between the Crawfordsville and Indiana State Police was able to stop the vehicle and prevent anyone from being injured during the chase.

According to the linked article the driver was travelling at speeds of up to 110 mph. At that speed, these agencies had approximately six minutes to coordinate and execute a plan for stopping the driver before she reached Crawfordsville!

As a traveller in the vicinity of this pursuit I must commend all of the departments that were involved. It was their training and quick thinking that prevented anyone from being injured this Easter Sunday.

On behalf of my family, I sincerely thank all of the officers involved for their service.