Kalamazoo X Sessions

The organizers of the Kalamazoo X Conference recently posted the session and speaker list.  All of the sessions sound interesting but the ones that have really grabbed my interest are:

I’ve previously attended two of Mike Wood’s presentations (one at Indy Code Camp and an nPlus1 event in Indianapolis) and really get a lot from them.  He has posted a series of articles about being a better developer that I admittedly haven’t read yet but will probably do so before April 10th.

I was also fortunate enough to hear Phil Japikse speak about Behavior Driven Development at the March IndyNDA meeting.  He shared tons of great information about methodologies and tools and I’m really looking forward to hearing more of his thoughts on testing.

I was really excited about this conference based on what I’d heard about last year’s event.  After seeing the session list I’m glad I registered.