Google Apps and Mobile Phones

I’ve been using Google Apps for my personal email and calendar solution for a little under a year. With a little DNS magic in my WordPress configuration I get to use gmail with my domain and host my blog here at WordPress. I’ve been really happy with this configuration since I started using it.  Recently the Google Apps service got even better since they expanded it to include most of their other services like reader and youtube. One of the things that this change brought though was an account migration. Today I encountered my first problem and it was a result of the service enhancement.

This evening I went to look at my inbox on my phone (Samsung Focus) and was presented with a not so nice message about using a Google Apps account that isn’t configured to work with mobile devices. The error code was 85010020. The instructions included in the message weren’t particularly helpful but after a bit of searching I ran across a post that gave a bit more info that wasn’t particularly clear but at least provided some direction.  In case anyone else runs into this I wanted to provide a bit more detail and hopefully reduce the pain of trying to find the settings.

As the post I mentioned says there are two things that need to be done to allow syncing mobile devices:

  1. The Google Sync service must be selected for the domain
  2. Google Sync must be enabled for the domain
Both of these settings are found in the Google Apps control panel.  If you’re experiencing this problem follow these steps to resolve it:
  1. Log in to your Google Apps control panel.  This should be
  2. Click to the “Organization & users” tab
  3. Click the “Services” link
    Services Tab
  4. Locate Google Sync in the services List
  5. Ensure that Google Sync is “On”
    Google Sync Service
  6. If Google Sync was off click the “Save changes” button that appeared at the bottom of the page.
  7. Click to the “Settings” tab
  8. Select the “Mobile” option from the list on the left
  9. Check the “Enable Google Sync” box
    Enable Google Sync
  10. Click the “Save changes” button that appeared at the bottom of the page.
You should now be able to sync your mobile device.