Milestone Reached!

I’ve been somewhat serious about keeping this site fresh since about March of 2010.  Although I don’t post as frequently as I’d like I’ve still managed to write over 100 articles covering a variety of topics like LINQ, the Task Parallel Library, Visual Studio, Team Foundation System, Mercurial, Windows Phone, and many more.

Today this site reached a milestone of sorts when it passed 25,000 views!  I realize that views aren’t everything but I’m humbled to know that people from around the world are finding it.  Of course not all of the traffic is from real people but I’d like to thank the ones who are.  I hope that if you’ve found this site that you’ve also found it useful.

I have some ideas for my next several posts but if you have anything you’re interested in and you’d like to see me cover please feel free to leave a suggestion in the comments.  I’d like to hear your ideas too!