Cool Swag from Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow Padfolio

This afternoon Esther called me at work to say that I’d received a package from some place called Stack Overflow.  Inside was a nice, branded padfolio, pen, and a few other things.  I was surprised about receiving this but the smart people over there anticipated my reaction and included a cover letter explaining it was a gift for having been an active Careers 2.0 user during my job search.

I was really impressed with the what the site offered.  I especially like how it goes beyond the traditional résumé by including sections for community involvement via avenues like blog posts and open source projects.  Being able to export the profile to PDF for easy submission to potential employers is a welcome feature too.  It was fun when I interviewed at Leaf and one of my interviewers recognized my résumé’s format as the one from the Careers 2.0.

My job search may be over but I’ll still be putting this to good use.  Thanks, Stack Overflow Careers team!

On a related note, I still have a few invitations for Careers 2.0 available.  If you’re interested and serious about using them drop me a note.



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