Thank You!

The Book of F# wouldn’t have been possible without contributions from many people and while the acknowledgements section is nice, several individuals deserve something a bit more public. In particular, I need to thank:

  • Bill Pollock – publisher, editor
  • Alison Law – production editor
  • Seph Kramer – editor
  • Kevin Miller – technical reviewer
  • Tomas Petricek – technical reviewer
  • Bryan Hunter – foreword
  • Brian Kline – target audience reviewer

I owe each of you an enormous debt of gratitude.

Geographic and economic factors make it impractical to hold a large release party but a few of us were able to get together around the finished product (along with dinner and a few beverages).

Kevin Miller (left), Brian Kline (right), and I celebrate the book release at Red Lion Grog House in Indianapolis’ Fountain Square.