[AgileIndy] Effective Retrospectives

Early last week my wife and I had an exchange that went something like this:

Esther: Did you know that AgileIndy is meeting on Tuesday evening?
Me: [blank stare]
Me: [silence]
Me: I didn’t know there was an AgileIndy!

Naturally I was a bit surprised (and proud) that she knew about a local software development group that I’d never heard of so i asked how she found out about it.  It turns out that she had been looking for some local events on Meetup and AgileIndy was one of the featured groups.

This “discovery” was very timely since I’m transitioning to a new team that’s going to be more agile than our teams have traditionally been.  Despite having read a few books and attending a few events like Cincinnati Day of Agile I’m still very new to it so I hopped onto the site, found their page and after reading a bit about it I decided I should go.



My Day of Agile

On March 26th I attended the Cincinnati Day of Agile conference.  It was nine hours and three tracks of talks and discussions about using Agile practices to build software.  The first track focused on introducing Agile concepts and techniques while track two was more about “soft” skills and getting the most out of Agile.  Track three was mostly an open space type track.  Despite still being a relative n00b to Agile I spent my day bouncing between tracks two and three.  What follows are my notes and thoughts from the sessions I attended.


Cincinnati Day of Agile

I am attending the Cincinnati Day of Agile ConferenceOver the years my team has followed very loose processes for software development.  Now that we’ve matured as an organization we’ve found that the time for more formality is upon us.  As such, we’ve started adopting Agile methodologies to help us stay focused and on track.  With this change I thought it would be a good idea to get up to speed with what’s happening in the Agile world and what better place to do that than a day long event focusing on Agile?

The Cincinnati Day of Agile is on March 26th and is being held at the Savannah Conference Center.  It runs from 8:00 – 5:00 and early registration is $50.  You can find out more on the event site or registration site.

I hope to see you there!