My New Laptop!

Samsung RF510A few years ago Esther and I bought a pair matching of matching Dell Studio 17s (isn’t that cute?).  Neither of us were ever really happy with them but for the most part they worked.  I had a hardware conflict that would cause Windows 7 to blue screen immediately after loading after I went through the initial setup but I managed to resolve that through safe mode.  The last few weeks were testing my patience since my battery was hardly holding a charge.  To top it off the optical drive in Esther’s laptop has been dead for I don’t remember how long so she’s been lugging around an external drive to play the various incarnations of the Sims games.

With Esther leaving the workforce to take care of Nadia it made sense for me to upgrade to something that will last me for a few more years and swap out the battery in my laptop for the one in hers and let her use that one.  So the hunt began.