Font Squirrel

This isn’t really photography related but a few weeks ago I stumbled across Font Squirrel.  They’ve aggregated tons of fonts that are available free for commercial use.  Most of the fonts I’ve looked at are available directly from the Font Squirrel site but there are a few that were only available from a vendor site.  I’ve only snagged four fonts so far but found one that I really like.  I’ve been using Windsong to “sign” my photos.

One of the things I really appreciate about Font Squirrel is the Test Drive feature.  Test Drive allows you to try out a font in your browser before you download and install it only to discover that it doesn’t look quite like you thought it would in practice.

If you’re looking for some new fonts definitely check out this site.



  1. i just found fontsquirrel too :) very nice service! but where can i check if it really works across many browsers and systems?


  2. I really don’t know what kind of tools they provide for cross-browser validation beyond their test drive feature. Embedding fonts through @font-face is part of the CSS3 specification although it was originally a Microsoft extension. has a good list of how well font embedding is supported on each of the major browsers.

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