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Photo Featured in National Geographic Magazine!

Time For Some Windex

Originally uploaded by Dave Fancher

I’m interrupting my normally unscheduled software development posts to make an exciting announcement. I’ve been holding back, waiting to see it in print before saying much but now that I have a comp copy in-hand I’m not holding back any more.

My “Time for some Windex” photo is featured on a page of its own in the Wild section of the May 2011 issue of National Geographic Magazine! I haven’t seen the issue on shelves yet but I expect it will be available within a few days.


Font Squirrel

This isn’t really photography related but a few weeks ago I stumbled across Font Squirrel.  They’ve aggregated tons of fonts that are available free for commercial use.  Most of the fonts I’ve looked at are available directly from the Font Squirrel site but there are a few that were only available from a vendor site.  I’ve only snagged four fonts so far but found one that I really like.  I’ve been using Windsong to “sign” my photos.

One of the things I really appreciate about Font Squirrel is the Test Drive feature.  Test Drive allows you to try out a font in your browser before you download and install it only to discover that it doesn’t look quite like you thought it would in practice.

If you’re looking for some new fonts definitely check out this site.

At Least One of Us Still Drives a MINI

When we were browsing Babies “R” Us for our baby registry what seems forever ago this bouncer really caught my eye because it looked just like my MINI. We added it to the registry and were fortunate enough to have someone buy it for Nadia.

Shortly after she was born we realized that the Prius was too small to haul the stroller and well, anything else. That meant that if we wanted to go anywhere we were going to need a bigger vehicle. A few days later I was trading in the MINI for a Hyundai Santa Fe.

Esther and I eventually traded vehicles. The Prius is a great car with all of the amenities but it’s nothing like the MINI. I get envious every time I see one on the road and there are plenty of them around here so it’s pretty much a daily occurrence. I guess for now I’ll just have to live vicariously through her for a while.

Eclipse Photos

Wow! First off, I didn’t realize that it has been since the end of September that I posted anything here. So much for keeping this updated!

As many people know, there was a full lunar eclipse last night. For some reason I decided to brave the cold to watch it. I set up the tripod and managed to snap off several great shots of various stages of the eclipse. What really amazed me though was how quickly the photos were hit on flickr after I posted them!

In all of the time I have been posting images to flickr I have never seen a response like this. Up until last night my most viewed photo was a shot I titled ‘Round and ‘Round We Go that I uploaded back in August. That shot had 67 views as of last night. Four of the eclipse shots approached or exceeded that number in less than 24 hours!

The four eclipse shots that gave my view counts such a great boost are included here for your viewing pleasure. Each photo is linked to the flickr page if you’d like to see a higher resolution version or comment on any of them.

Blood Moon (46 views)
Blood Moon

Take a Bite out of the Moon
Take a Bite out of the Moon

Flared Moon
Flared Moon

Eclipse in HDR
Eclipse in HDR