Which Files Changed?

One of the complaints I’ve heard about TFS 2010 version control is that getting latest doesn’t show a listing of what was changed. This is untrue. TFS does indeed show such a listing it’s just not as obvious as in other version control systems.

After getting latest, jump over to the output window and select the “Source Control – Team Foundation” option from the “Show output from:” menu. The output window will then display the action taken and file name for each affected file.

It would be nice if TFS would present this information in a sortable/filterable grid format instead of relying on the output window but having the simple listing is typically more than enough. The output window itself is searchable so if you’re looking for changes to a specific file or folder just click in the window and press Ctrl + F to open the find dialog.

Now the next time someone claims that “TFS doesn’t show me which files changed!” you can tell them to check the output window.