Turning Over A New Leaf

Today is my last day at Aprimo.  The past 6 1/2 years have been full of rewarding experiences.  During my time at Aprimo I’ve learned a lot, worked on some neat projects, and made some very close friends.  At the same time though, I’ve felt like I’ve been in a bit of a rut for some time and needed some change.  After serious consideration I decided that the time to make the change is now.

Next week (April 2) I’ll be starting as a Systems Engineer at Leaf Software Solutions in Carmel, Indiana.  I’m really excited about this opportunity and the new challenges and experiences it will bring.

I’d like to thank Aprimo for its part in shaping me into the person and programmer I am today and for preparing me for this next chapter of my life.  I wish everyone at Aprimo the best wherever life may take you.