Archiving with Mercurial

Recently I’ve been working with a third party component vendor to resolve a defect. They requested that I create a sample project illustrating the issue and send it to them as a zip archive. Building the project was easy but I didn’t want to send all of the extra stuff that goes along with it. In other words, I wanted a snapshot of the current revision but without the source control bindings.  I knew how to do this with Subversion but how did Mercurial handle it?


My Standard .hgignore File

Since I started using Mercurial a few months ago I’ve fallen in love with it.  There was a bit of a learning curve for getting up and running but I found that the Tortoise tools are really intuitive and eliminated some of the pain.  Most importantly though, Mercurial addresses the single biggest problem I had when working away from home – no repository access.