More Fiddler Troubles

Last week I posted about a coworker having some trouble with Fiddler. Whenever he’d visit a page the only thing that Fiddler would show was At the time I thought it was a problem our virus scanner setting itself as a proxy and interfering with the process filters.  He actually wasn’t using filters so that wasn’t the problem.

Earlier this week another coworker stopped by my cube and said he’d heard rumor about me troubleshooting some fiddler issues…  And he had his laptop…  Uh oh…


Fiddler Troubles

This morning I was included on an email asking a few of us if we’ve been able to use Fiddler.  He said when he tried to use it he saw it do its update check then make a request to but it wouldn’t capture anything else regardless of which sites he visited.

I’ve been using Fiddler a lot lately to help test a new RESTful WCF service I’m prototyping and hadn’t been having any trouble with it but then I remembered that I didn’t have filters enabled.  I clicked over to the Filters tab and checked the “Show only Internet Explorer” traffic, refreshed a page, then nothing…  Fiddler wasn’t capturing anything.  What gives?  This worked the last time I used it.