WP7 Resources

I’ve recently found a few good resources for getting the most out of Windows Phone.  I’ll be adding more as I find additional resources that I like.


Sister site to other established smartphone sites such as androidcentral and TiPb, WPCentral is a great resource for the latest Windows Phone news.

Windows Phone Secrets

Windows Phone Secrets is a listing of tips and tricks for the phone.  This is where I learned how to dismiss the notification bar.

Bing Visual Search

Looking for an app?  Check out Bing’s WP7 app visual search.  To get the most out of the visual search make sure to install Microsoft’s Tag Reader on your phone so once you’ve found what you’re looking for you can scan the tag on the page to install it.

WM Power User

Another Windows Phone news site similar to WP Central.  There’s some overlap but WM Power User has enough unique content to keep it interesting.



  1. Hello my name is Gustavo Davis. I was wondering if there is any default setting or app that can hide hide pics,text messages, and contacts into a private folder for one to see in private on Windows phone 7….not windows mobile? I know that there are apps on andriod, and ios that one can buy that can do this. Also Blackberrys can create folders and hide them from others by default. But I just wanted to know are there any Windows Phone 7 apps out there that can do these things?

    1. There aren’t any that I’m aware of but I’m not usually looking for anything like that. The whole point of WP7 is sharing and staying connected so hiding things kind of defeats the purpose…

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