Magic Manager

I’ve achieved a milestone!  For the past several weeks I’ve been hard at work on my first Windows Phone 7 app.  You may remember that I’d started building a flickr client but stopped when Yahoo! announced that they were working on one that far exceeded anything I’d be able to accomplish on my meager budget of $0.00.

For the longest time I struggled to come up with a replacement idea but then I started playing Magic: The Gathering again with several of my friends from work.  After a few weeks of playing the idea to build a utility to track the game started to develop.

I’m pleased to announce that last night I submitted version 1.0 of Magic Manager to the Marketplace.  Once approved it will be available for download for $0.99.

v1.0 Features:

  • 2 – 8 players
  • Normal mode (20 life)
  • Two-Headed Giant mode (30 life)
  • A graph to quickly visualize game state
  • Life and poison counter tracking
  • Lifelink
  • English and Spanish (thanks Esther!)

Planned Features:

  • Commander mode
  • Dice rolling
  • Game timer
  • Undo actions


In the coming days I’ll be posting more about my experiences developing this application.  For now though it’s time to rest.


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