Magic Manager Now Available

A few days ago I posted that I submitted my first WP7 app, Magic Manager, to the Windows Phone Marketplace.  Late this afternoon I received the email I’ve been anxiously awaiting.  It read:

“Congratulations! Magic Manager has successfully passed certification for Windows Phone Marketplace.”

You can now find Magic Manager in the Marketplace by scanning or clicking the Tag below.  If you play Magic and have a Windows Phone I’d love to hear your feedback.

Download Magic Manager

Happy Gaming!


Magic Manager

I’ve achieved a milestone!  For the past several weeks I’ve been hard at work on my first Windows Phone 7 app.  You may remember that I’d started building a flickr client but stopped when Yahoo! announced that they were working on one that far exceeded anything I’d be able to accomplish on my meager budget of $0.00.

For the longest time I struggled to come up with a replacement idea but then I started playing Magic: The Gathering again with several of my friends from work.  After a few weeks of playing the idea to build a utility to track the game started to develop.

I’m pleased to announce that last night I submitted version 1.0 of Magic Manager to the Marketplace.  Once approved it will be available for download for $0.99.

v1.0 Features:

  • 2 – 8 players
  • Normal mode (20 life)
  • Two-Headed Giant mode (30 life)
  • A graph to quickly visualize game state
  • Life and poison counter tracking
  • Lifelink
  • English and Spanish (thanks Esther!)

Planned Features:

  • Commander mode
  • Dice rolling
  • Game timer
  • Undo actions


In the coming days I’ll be posting more about my experiences developing this application.  For now though it’s time to rest.