JustDecompile – One More Time

I’ve looked at JustDecompile a few times over the past year, following its progress from its early beta stages.  When I saw that it was officially released yesterday (14 Feb 2012) I remembered telling Vladimir Dragoev from the JustDecompile team that I’d give it another look.  I’ve been very critical of this product in the past but given that everything I’ve looked at so far has been pre-release software it’s only fair that I give it one more chance to redeem itself.  Can this version finally handle my tests?



JustDecompile Revisited

This post is long overdue.  Several months ago I took a look at a beta release (2011.1.516.2) of JustDecompile, the upcoming decompilation solution from Telerik.  At the time I referred to it as unusable due to the number of problems I encountered with both the UI and, more importantly, its ability to reliably decompile an assembly.

Not long after I wrote that post Tsviatko Yovtchev from the JustDecompile team contacted me and through comments and email we discussed the problems I’d encountered.  I sent him some of the assemblies that JustDecompile failed to process correctly.  Since then the team has released several updates and addressed many of the problems I experienced.  I wanted to take another look and see how the project has evolved.  Has Telerik solved the problems I experienced?  Read on to find out.


JustDecompile – First Impressions

I have posted a new review of JustDecompile that looks at a later beta release.

With Red Gate now charging for .NET Reflector and updating the free version to expire at the end of May I’ve been starting to think about alternate decompilation tools.  A few days ago I saw an article on InfoQ about Telerik’s JustDecompile tool and thought I’d take a look.  So how does JustDecompile fare?